Kylie Cosmetics Swatches & Review

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Hi my loves, hope you’re all loving the new website, as I write this blog post, we are just a few hours away from the launch of this brand new baby, and I can not control my excitement! Anyway, coming back to this post, I’ll be reviewing my most cherished makeup purchase, from Kylie Cosmetics, complete with the swatches.

Order Placement, Shipping & Custom Charges

I placed my order with Kylie Cosmetics directly on their website on 31st OCT, 2016 and got the confirmation mail instantly, post that, my order was shipped on 2nd NOV, 2016 and I was provided tracking of the shipment. I finally received my order on 11th NOV, 2016 and I was charged no customs to my surprise, because I’ve seen a lot of reviews and videos where people say that they get charged crazy custom charges. Also, I received free shipping and a free KyMajesty lipstick, as part of the Halloween promo. Kylie Cosmetics still, right now has free shipping on international orders over $60 value, the same promo that I availed. Isn’t that such a fab deal? Normally the shipping charge to get Kylie’s products to India is $15 which in turn makes her products really expensive.

Kylie Cosmetics Products & Swatches :

  • Matte Single ; Koko K (two, one for somebody)
  • Matte Single ; Candy K
  • Matte Single ; Ginger
  • Metal Matte Single ; KyMajesty (free)

Each Matte Single costs $17 (1156 INR)

LEFT TO RIGHT IN THE SWATCHES : Candy K, Koko K, Ginger, KyMajesty



Review (Colors + Formula)

I’m absolutely in love with Candy K, that’s like the perfect pink+beige nude! I’d always thought Candy K would be a darker beige nude, and Koko K would be the pink+beige nude that Candy K actually is. However, in reality, on the lips, Koko K is a really pale pink nude, which is too light for my NC35 skin tone. Ginger, however is a really rich & warm terracotta brown, and I absolutely adore that shade. It isn’t a dark brown for sure, it’s a medium neutral. KyMajesty, is a black metal matte, with pecks of what looks like shimmer in it. I’m not a fan of the shade, because it’s not an absolute opaque shade. If Ii were to pick a black from Kylie’s collection, I’d much rather prefer Dead of Knight, just because it’s a true black.

The formula of all the shades feels comfortable, smooth and gentle on the lips. There are plenty rumours surfacing the web that state that Kylie copied Colourpop’s shades and formula, but I can confirm that Kylie’s formula is far superior to that of Colourpop’s and feels much more light and comfortable on the lips. These liquid lipsticks will not budge at all the entire day, without retouching. I put them to test and ate some greasy pizza with Koko K on my lips, and found out that while it had vanished from the inner lips, it stayed intact on the outer part of the lips, that is where the food hadn’t touched it.

While it is recommended that you either apply a lip balm or a creamy lip liner before applying any liquid lipstick, I was too lazy to apply any, and on bare lips, Koko K and Candy K cracked a little, while Ginger did not. There’s something about the formula of lighter colors of liquid lipsticks, and that’s the same with any brand, they crack more than the slightly darker colors.

Overall, I’m in love with the very first products I bought from Kylie Cosmetics, it’s a great feeling to own her makeup, because I absolutely adore Kylie’s personality, her style, and oh, her snapchats!




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