Girl Next Door

Hi my loves, firstly, I want to let you to know, now that I’m done with graduation, I intend on blogging full time and for that we’ll follow a pattern where I’ll be posting on the blog twice a week. Isn’t that great, I’m thrilled!

My style has always been comfy yet chic, and on days when it’s too hot (precisely 7 months in Delhi), I decide to take a simpler route and glide into breezy pants and a light t-shirt. This day, was that exact day.

Zara has always been my go-to for ‘smart’ casuals, but really, it’s the place you go to when you first get your paycheck or in my case, my allowance, but as we head towards the end of the month, it’s just not fun and games anymore, and that 2790 INR tag on a Zara garment, is suddenly not so feasible. For a girl next door, just like me, lanes of Sarojini Nagar and GK-1 M Block, are what come into picture, that very second. Now that indeed is some back story on my culottes.


  • Crop T-Shirt : Forever 21
  • Culottes : GK-1 M Block Market
  • Sneakers : Forever 21
  • Quilted Bag : ASOS


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