Embellishments Ft. Fiona Solitaires

Jewellery is a very personal thing, it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it. I love pieces that are conversation starters, and with Fiona Solitaires’ exquisite designs, people are bound to talk.

Moissanite is a new category of gemstones, with brilliance and lustre more than any other gemstones in the world, even diamonds. Moissanites are guaranteed to never lose their optical properties. Fiona Moissanite Solitaires cost about 1/10th of a diamond, and are a true beauty!

Each Fiona Moissanite Jewellery is accompanied by a certificate of warranty and authencity for maintaining its brilliance.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 100% Buy Back
  • With Certificate


  • 0% making charges till 30th
  • 30% discount on selected items.

Fiona Solitaires houses exquisite pieces of moissanite and diamond jewellery, set in 18K gold. They prioritize design, and there are designers at every store that understand customer preferences and sketch custom designs, in case, customers do not find something of their taste in stock. Fiona has opened a new dimension of luxury retail jewellery with the vision to cater to the needs of its ever increasing customer base. Fiona Solitaires’ entire range of jewellery is available on their e-commerce portal www.fionasolitaires.com and in stores across India. Fiona Solitaires’ New Delhi outlet is located in the heart of the city, at Greater Kailash 1 M Block Market.


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