How To Wear A Bomber Jacket? Fall Trend

Bomber jackets never really left fashion, we had sweet flower printed ones, varsity jacket ones, plain black ones like this, and now satin ones that are richly embroidered, just like the ones we noticed on Gucci catwalks. But since I’m always here to promote resusable, recyclable and inexpensive fashion, the satin bomber that I incorporated in my look, is from, *drum roll please* Sarojini Nagar.

How To Style A Bomber Jacket ?

  • I like unconventional bombers, since they make every outfit look chic and put together. With statement bombers, you really do not have to make much effort at all.
  • Bomber jackets usually have a rounded bottom, they always look great when paired with a tight pair of pants or leggings.
  • Wear a simple t-shirt or a thin sweater underneath, for a no fuss look, and let your bomber be the star of the show.
  • Don’t wear a blouse underneath that has a collar or a scarf, since that will most definitely interfere with the collar of the bomber jacket.
  • Pair your bomber with any shoes really, the choices are endless, be creative. Sneakers give bomber jackets a sporty look that everybody loves, while ankle boots give the bomber a character and make you look like a bad girl, in a good way.


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