Au Revoir

After three years, and 1806 lectures later, college comes to an end. Three years ago, our journey started at Maitreyi College, University of Delhi. For me, it has since been a gala time, from not attending enough lectures, to submitting internal assignments on the day of the external exam ( call me brave, maybe? ), it has been a fearless and joyous ride.

To this day, I remember how I met my first friend in college, who I still share the same bond with, and forever will. I met Ipshita on the day of admission, on a sunny afternoon in 2014. We filled endless forms, and needed a companion when she called me to sit with her, and I’ve been sitting beside her ever since. Muskan and I met on the first day of college, when we were forced to sit in a room full of strangers, and we had a feeling we were two peas of the same pod and connected instantly. We since then can not get enough of each other, and are basically the same person. How I met the third of this crazy lot, was a random chance altogether. I entered a packed class in a rush, and asked if the chair in front of this girl was empty, where by the way her precious little tote was sat, to which she merrily replied with a yes, and that’s how Nupur and I met. Now that’s how everything started. From 2014 to 2017 and beyond.

Three years later, we bid adieu to college with a graduation hat on our heads, and immense warmth in our hearts, in hope of building our futures for a lifetime and going places, but all that without forgetting where we come from, and what helps us be grounded at all times, each other.




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